Contribute to our fundraising campaign on Indiegogo!

We need your help! CADMUS has started a fundraiser on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. The campaign is mainly focused on funding the costs of the materials and components for the construction of the cloud chamber, as well as its associated systems (electronic system, thermal system, external structural support, etc.).

If the campaign is successful, it will also help pay for the shipping of the materials and the integrated experiment to the launch site (Kiruna, Sweden), which have an important cost, as well as other costs linked to the development of the Project (i.e. the testing of the experiment).

Budget distribution of the CADMUS Project.

Contribute to our campaign and become part of the project CADMUS with the following link:

Send your name to the (near) space aboard our flight computer; receive special CADMUS postcards and USB drives, get a fantastic “Muon Buster” T-shirt, access to our scientific results, appear as a sponsor of the Project or meet the CADMUS team with a special dinner in Barcelona as a reward depending on your contribution on Indiegogo.

If you wish to support our Project but prefer to do it in a different way, or wish to become a special sponsor, you can reach us at

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