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From Particle Physics to Special Relativity.
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Scientific Background

We aim to verify that Special Relativity works for particles that travel close to the speed of light, by calculating the half-life of the muon decay.

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The experiment & our detector

We will fly a Cloud Chamber on a stratospheric balloon and record the muons that get through it during the flight, to obtain the flux of muons in each range of altitude.

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Design & Construction

Design, construction and development of a Cloud Chamber for particle detection. Especially to detect muons (elementary particles) and their traces along the chamber.

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Development of an outreach programme to bring our experiment, physics and engineering a little closer to the general public. We intend to broaden the public’s engagement and to obtain sponsorships to fund the experiment.


Cloud chamber for high Altitude Detection of Muons Under Special relativity effects.
From particle physics to special relativity

Special Relativity is a theory that has always caught our attention. Despite being based on basic mathematical transformations, its consequences are still surprising and in most of the causes they may sound as science fiction. That is why we always had in mind to experiment with it to see whether they are ultimately true or not. We are also interested in particles so we knew about the existence of a cloud chamber, a not so complicated detector that can keep track of the particles that break through the detector. Joining this two ideas we came up with our experiment: using a cloud chamber to prove Special Relativity.


Our team is formed of eager hard-working students in pursuit of new challenges and seeking to learn and discover.


Responsible for the electronic system design & software design
Ramón is the responsible of the software and electronics design. Ramón is also involved in the outreach program..


Responsible for the Post-processing part of the experiment and test for the experiment
He is responsible for the post-processing software and the development of the tests. Adam is also involved in Outreach activities.


Responsible for the electrical design, thermal design and material responsible
He is responsible for the thermal and electrical desgin of the experiment and for the materials. Roger is also involved in fundraising tasks.


Payload Manager & Telemetry (TM) and Telecommand (TC) systems responsible
He is the payload responsible and he is also responsible for the telecommunication system. Gerard is also involved in outreach and construction tasks.


Project Manager & Mechanical design Responsible
He is responsible for the mechanical part. Guillem is also involved in tasks concerning the construction and fundraising.

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